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The show debuted on July 7, 1947 on CBS in a 30-minute episode, and remained on air in various time slots until March 19, 1950. For the first several months, the show title was "CBS IS There," then the new title brought a more vivid, personal sense of immediacy to the listening experience.

Broadcasters from the national CBS News team created reenactments of historical happenings, which beckoned listeners to imagine themselves as witnesses to pivotal events in history in real time. The scripts would key the audience into the moments leading up to the crucial points where something big was about to happen. Then, they would provide play-by-play breaking news cut-ins, vivid descriptions, and conjecture on what it all might mean in the following days.

The storming of the Bastille, the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and Joan of Arc, the Salem witch trials were just a few of the outstanding and often deadly events brought to life by John Daley, Dan Hollenbeck, and other familiar journalists' voices of the era. Other less violent re-enactments were the Oklahoma Land Run, and the election of Thomas Jefferson.

There are 83 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Columbus Discovers America July 28, 1947
Witchcraft Trials at Salem August 4, 1947
Defense of the Alamo August 18, 1947
The Last Day of Pompeii August 25, 1947
Napoleon Returns from Elba (March 7, 1815) December 7, 1947
Assassination of Lincoln (repeat of part 01) December 14, 1947
The Sailing of the Mayflower December 21, 1947
The Listening Years November 6, 1947
The Storming of the Bastille December 28, 1947
Drake Defeats Spanish Armada August 11, 1947
Storming of the Bastille July 14, 1947
Assassination of Lincoln July 7, 1947
The Alamo (repeat of part 06) January 25, 1948
The Dreyfus Case February 8, 1948
Battle of Gettysburg February 22, 1948
The Okalahoma Land Run March 7, 1948
Monitor Vs Merrimac-1 April 4, 1948
The Last Day of Pompeii (repeat of part 07) April 11, 1948
The Signing of the Magna Carta May 16, 1948
The Battle of Hastings June 6, 1948
The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots June 27, 1948
Lexington, Concord and Merriams Corner August 22, 1948
Lee and Grant at Appamatox November 7, 1948
Napoleon Recaptured and Exiled November 14, 1948
The Conspiracy of Cataline December 12, 1948

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